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27 April 2008 @ 03:51 pm
Episode Requests  
Hi, I know this is a lot t ask for, but I went through every entry and collected the episodes I needed [thank you so much by the way] and I need some more that have expired. So any help will definitely be appreciated.

2x06 You Have Chosen
2x07 With Friends Like These...
2x08 Enough Is Enough
2x09 New Year, New Friends
2x10 Apology Not Accepted
2x11 Everyone Falls
2x12 Goodbye For Now

Basically all of season 3 if thats at all possible but the ones I'd like the most are:
| Ep. 1 | 'You Know What You Did'
| Ep. 6 | 'Second Chances'
| Ep. 7 | 'They Meet Again'
| Ep. 8 | 'For Better Or Worse'
| Ep. 9 | 'What Happens In Vegas...'
| Ep. 10 | 'What Goes Around'
| Ep. 14 | 'Forgive And Forget'

I just want the ones with Heidi and Lauren in a confrontation, and then Jason with his new girl. I make music videos and I'd SO VERY MUCH appreciate this. Even if you only have one episode out of these I'll appreciate it so much. Thank you.